OR-VE Machinery is looking for cooperation in the technical field, on producing spare parts for European Companies in the machine industry.

Milling Turning Boring

Heavy CNC Turning

Various machining by heavy CNC turning

Shaft CNC turning

CNC Machining various shafts from extruded steel blocks.

Mass Production

Mass production CNC turning

Aluminium alloy parts

Al7075 aluminium alloy spare parts by CNC machining

Flanges & Fittings

CNC finish produced flanges & fittings

Dosage Pump Screws

Dosage Pump Screws CNC mass production

Fittings & Keyway Bushes

Various Fittings & Keyway Bushes

Wire sector components

Various parts for wire sector machines

Helical Dosage Pump

Polyacetal ( POM-C ) Helical Dosage Pump Components production for food sector

Shipment readying

Mass producued and packed spare parts readied for shipment.

Dosage Pump Screw

Dosage pump screw machining for refinery sector