The company´s main products are: Bead wire production machines, welded steel spools
manufactured from forged base or casted base (cast iron), spare parts for wire production
lines and modules. The company also serves to the steel wire extrusion sectors.


After a 15 years of work experience in DEMAG A.G. - Germany, the founder of OR-VE Machinery returned back to Yzmit Turkey, working personally on lathes and set up his own company, which is today active in a 480m2 plant.

Main interests of OR-VE Machinery are, modules and components on production lines for steel wires, bead wires, wires that are used in car tyres, spare parts for these modules; steel spools for wire production sector, based from forging or casting, forged or sand casted parts. Milling and turning works, turning works up to 100kg.s, Milling and Boring works, up to 1000kg.s, drilling works all kinds of machine parts production and assemblies. All tolerance rules and material selection requirements are strictly followed, which causes quality in the end.. Quality is the main aspect for OR-VE Machinery.

OR-VE Machinery is proud of having an experience of 32 years in the sector, connecting the experience with todays technology, from past to the future.

OR-VE Machinery, Machine Industry & Engineering Established :1977


- Quality is always the first aspect.
- Customer happiness
- Production on time, in required quantity, and competing prices.
- Awereness of, having direct impact of the parts manufactured; on the quality of our costumers productions.
- Being always open to the new thoughts ideas, coming from our customers; to have an open mind.


- Quality
- Faith to the industrial and scientific requirements
- Efficiency
- Ethics
- Secrecy
- Safety
- Sensitivity for the environment
- Personal Progress
- Overall Customer happiness